5 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix Of All Time In 2017

Undoubtedly comedy shows are the backbone of internet just because if you opt for a service or choose a movie to watch, most of the times it is cased on comedy. Finding a comedy show is easy as the internet has a lot of info over it already. But when it comes to something different, something like finding a proper source to watch these shows, you might have obviously faced a few difficulties because there are many such sites which promise you free streaming, however most of them are fake or full of ads. Probably that is the first reason you should stick to Netflix as it is the best for online movie and TV shows streaming.

Having a long tiring day is something which everybody has in this era and thus, taking time for yourself is still quite difficult. So, whenever you get the time, you can tune into some of the best comedy shows and just to help you with this case, we are presenting the list of best comedy shows on Netflix for you.

Best Comedy Shows on Netflix In 2017


Friends is one of the best comedy series of all time on netflix.This is the only show in the world which most of the people feel is overrated, however, it is not. If you are looking for the best comedy pack in a single show, be sure to watch this one over anything which you have heard of. This show has the huge fan base and a lot of popularity across the globe just because of the reason that it has some of the most awesome punches, along with the best sarcasm and an amazing cast who knows when and where to crack a joke. You surely are going to scare your family with the laughs you have while watching this show.


If you are motivated enough and have decided to watch this show now, then it is advisable to watch it over Netflix as that is one of the best places to watch this show and that too in HD. This show however has more than enough seasons for you to enjoy for months and you can watch it truly with your best buddies too.


Yet Another funny show on netflix.If you’re looking for one of the most absurd, sharply weird, and screaming tv, then here is your stop as it is one such show for you, better than the animated gem, yankee papa officially. The Fox series started within the shadow of Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy, however managed to eclipse its forerunner and is currently airing on TBS. Not only this but also it has become one amongst the foremost consistent and artistic animated programs out there throughout its 13 years and counting within the game and above all, no alternative comedy can deliver thoughtful meditations on family than this show and to be honest, you will absolutely love watching this show.


The series features a ton of entertainment going for it, however Roger alone is definitely worth the worth of admission as he is actually one amongst TV’s best wild cards. The yankee papa features a relentless sense of humor so much so that it takes your soul into amazement and awesomeness.


Speaking of cringe-inducing, Freaks and Geeks takes adolescent awkwardness to its extreme, specializing in the titular losers at a Michigan high school throughout their most formative and embarrassing years and trust us, whether or not it looks kind of submissive to you, it actually is going make you laugh side to side. Viewers will at once acknowledge that temporary moment of triumph that comes before crushing disappointment which you would witness at times in this show as you will laugh, however you furthermore may wince wittingly, as a result of you’ve been there too. Trust us, you will be able to relate this show so much to your life that you will want to see it again and again.

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and geeks has been hailed jointly of the simplest one-season wonders in tv history, and it over earns that name, due to disappointed prank phone calls, misguided organism tryouts, ill-timed pot smoking, and unlikely Dungeons & Dragons cohorts. It is forged of future stars like the personalities Seth Rogen, James El Caudillo, Jason Segel, and Linda Cardellini, among several others which you will see on television.


This joyful series has no business being thus sunny, particularly considering its pitch-dark premise, as it has a character namely Kimmy and the plot goes like Kimmy, kidnaped as a teen and compelled to measure among a doomsday cult in associate underground bunker, is finally saved, and making an attempt to construct her life. However as vie by the bubbling Ellie Kemper, this lady is powerful as hell and is truly determined to create the foremost of her freedom. A ragtag and bobtail roll of supporting characters helps her through her transition, her friend Titus the foremost pleasant among them, although just about everybody she encounters is comedy gold, whether or not it is determining what slang is superannuated, or however best to kill the sentient automaton she believes is sleeping together with her husband.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

In this show, the Season 2 delivers a bit deeper into the psychological toll the Reverend’s capture had on Kimmy, however despite the darker material, the show maintains its madcap charm. Special shout-out to pleasant guest star Tina Fey, who actually co-created the show together with her thirty Rock collaborator Robert Carlock.


The idealism of old employee Leslie Knope will appear a trifle exhausting to swallow in these post-2016 election times, however that’s exactly why we’d like Parks and Rec, where Leslie’s optimism makes you believe that the government and not only that but the life itself will also really be smart if you stand by your work and imbue everything you are doing with passion, including a timeless hunger for waffles. And if you aren’t able to adopt such a sunny disposition for yourself simply nonetheless, you’ll be able to invariably rummage around for distraction and amusing during a classic like “Flu Season” or even “Lil’ Sebastian” or “The discussion” Or “Halloween Surprise” Or any range of episodes inhabited by the delightfully distracted residents of Pawnee and also the stacked forged cast of regulars populating the Parks Department (Chris Pratt, the participant of non-sequiturs and pratfalls like Jim O’Heir, the perennially upbeat punching bag Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry). The plot may seem a bit ‘fine – kind’ of thing for you at the beginning, but you will get to know soon why this show is so famous.



So, this was our list of best comedy shows to watch on Netflix in 2017. If you know about some more awesome shows to watch, why not to write them down and mention them in the comment section so that the readers get to know more about such movies.

Moreover, if you are planning to watch any of your favorite shows, make sure it is Netflix from which you watch movies and shows because the reason to this is that Netflix is guaranteed safe and secure, and doesn’t loot your money too. There is just a subscription and a login required to access Netflix from anywhere or any device which you like. So, make sure you stick to it only.

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