Best 5 Most Popular Torrent Sites For 2017 [100% Working]

The internet has advanced a lot and so have our habits of browsing the internet. The regular content that you use to watch and download from the internet, the whole process has changed. Right from searching for the music, movie, you are provided with more cheap and reliable methods. One among them are the best torrent sites.

People usually confuse torrent sites with some illegal things available on the internet. The free torrent sites 2017 are the best places you and I to visit and download whatever you want for your computer systems or whatever you want to watch.You can also check out here some of the best movie streaming sites where you could watch movies online for free.

In case you are looking for that favorite movie of yours, or you are in need of a good TV show but aren’t able to find a good downloading link or even if you need some games for your computer system, all you have to do is to switch to one of the many available best torrent sites and download your favorite content right away.

Best unblocked torrent sites 2017
This site is one of the unblocked torrent sites 2017 and the reason of its popularity is just due to the fact that it provides you with every torrent file which you want, be it movies, music, games, TV shows, books, computer software, Android apps or whatever you need to make your day better. Everything that you love to download and have in your PC, you will get it here to download for free.

This torrent site has a designated and a unique search engine that allows us to search for any torrent which we want to download in our computers and you can also visit from any device that you use daily, even Android phones. So, if you need that all in one torrent site, make sure that you check out this site.

Kickass Torrents
If you are one of the most early torrent users and have a great about all those torrent sites, then you would undoubtedly be familiar of the domain “” as it was one of the unblock torrent sites which we used and got introduced to download our free content online.

This site is one of the most reputed torrent sites which worked for and still is available to use for free, provided that you use it with different TDLs and still, in some regions it may not working but that really doesn’t stop it from being the best unlocked torrent sites 2017. It allows you to download movies, games, software and much more content that you want to watch and this means that if you are finding the best unblocked torrent sites, don’t forget trying Kickass Torrents.

The best part about this free torrent website is that this site is an exclusive torrent site just for the purpose of watching and downloading movies and that too for free of cost. It has just been three years since this torrent site was released worldwide, but the rankings which this site has go so far, it is far better than most of the torrent sites which you will be using.

This free and amazing torrent site is even placed in the best torrent sites 2017 and it is also affiliated to Motion Pictures which makes this site as the best torrent sites to watch and download movies.

This site is not just one of the best torrent sites in our list with access to free content on the internet only, but it also is a torrent search engine which is proven to be one of the best by millions of its fans and which allows you to search for any of the file or anything you want to download from this site.

This torrent site indexes all its torrent files from other websites different from this and has about 25 Million files in its database which is made available to you for free and keeps on growing day by day. Even though it had some previous versions too which was removed later on, but now it has made a comeback with a whole new interface and a great quality to adore which makes it one of the best unblocked torrent sites 2017.

Lime Torrents
If you just are a newbie to torrenting, then Lime Torrents is the worthiest option for you to choose rather than trying out all those sites that I have mentioned in this list. The reason most of the people choose this site as beginners is that it has a great layout which you will find quite easy and friendly to use in your experience.

All you would want is to have a search bar to search for torrents and in this site, right on the starting of the homepage, you will be provided with a designated search bar which is made available to you for searching for every torrent which you want. And for searching torrents, all you have to do is to put the item in the search box and you will be provided with your desired results in little time. However, I want you to know that all the searches are keyword sensitive here and open up only when you have entered the proper keyword. Rest assured, this site is safe as well as free to use.

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