5 Netflix best TV Shows To Watch In 2017 [June]

Netflix is truly one of the best places to watch your favorite shows and other stuff which you have always been looking to watch. For most of the people, there just might be some issues in finding the right place to watch their favorite movies and TV shows and if that is the case with you, well Netflix is there at your help and today, I will be sharing the netflix best tv shows to watch with you.If you don’t want to spend watching movies online then here you can check out the best movie streaming sites.

If you are just in need of some of the best TV shows on Netflix and really don’t know where to start, then I have the list of best netflix tv shows for you to watch includes every category of shows that you love to watch and would love to enjoy right at your homes.So let’s get to netflix best tv show series in 2017.If you want to netflix accounts and passwords that work 2017 you must check out this post.

netflix best tv shows in 2017

The reason most of the people actually choose watching tv shows on Netflix rather than any other app is just due to the reason that Netflix offers better credibility and along with that, it offers you with an awesome service with all the best tv shows added manually. If there is any movie which are not able to find across the internet, I am pretty sure that you will find it on Netflix. So, in any case, it is always better to pay for the services of Netflix rather than watching shows from any other place and wasting your precious money.

Netflix is really one of the best places to really watch all the movies and from my personal experience, if you aren’t able to find one good movie, switch over to Netflix, create an account, spend some bucks and just watch the best movies and shows from netflix which you may never have seen previously. Netflix is one of the best places to find your favorite movies of all sorts and categories and same goes for the TV shows.List of best Tv show series in 2017 is as below we have chosen the list of best tv shows on netflix are based upon the TV show rating and viewership.

Netflix best tv shows list

Breaking Bad

This is By far the best netflix original series.This American based TV serial is one of the best shows which you will find ever in your life. Trust me, I have watched over a couple dozen of TV shows, but nothing was better than Breaking Bad. The reason that people love this show is just due to the fact that it has one of the best story which you will witness in your entire life with one hell of thrillers and amazements.

If you have not seen this show yet, go watch it right away on netflix because there truly is nothing better than this show. It is a story of a chemistry teacher namely Walter White who is involved in a lung cancer and on the other hand, has a family that he needs to take care of. To raise money, he has to do something or he feels that his family will starve. So, he starts using his brilliant mind and collabs with his ex-student, Jesse Pinkman who is a drug dealer and they both, start making money by creating meth, which is illegal in the country. It has long diversions after that which you will love to watch.If you want to download breaking bad on you laptop or pc then you can do so by visiting this best movie download websites.

This whole American drama was shot right from the year 2008 and ended with one great memory in 2013. You will truly love how Aaron Paul starts off everything in this tv show and above all, when (spoiler alert) Walter White dies at the end of this show, that will surely make you feel sad.I hope this thriller combination would score some best point in our best TV shows on netflix list.


This is Yet Another Super Hero edition to the best Netflix tv shows.Arrow is one of the best TV serials and people actually love watching this show. This show features the former WWE superstar, Stephen Amell who counts it back to 5 years where he was stranded on a deserted island for a long time and after people find him, he become someone else, something else to save his city from all the bad and evil people.If torrent is ban in your country then you here you can check out the list of best unlocked torrent websites.

The reason that this show gets a hit is that it has an awesome story plot where you will see mixed emotions and which you will love to watch. Every twist in the plot is getting better and better and you will love to see Oliver Queen discussing his past life on an island in this TV show. If you are that one action lover and would want to see the heroics of Stephen Amell a.k.a Oliver Queen in the show, then be sure that you watch Arrow and enjoy it fully.

Arrow might not get the eye of Marvel’s Agents of protect, however it is always a lot of fun. It has always been a great combination of dark characters which even includes addictive serialized storylines and not only that but also villains of the week and above all, a sexy solid buoyed by one in all the best guys on tv, like I said the Stephen Amell. The primary 2 seasons go down quickly and sweet, however the third season hits some rough patches which you will apparently fall for, I am sure.


Of course, Dexter had to be here in this list and had to feature this list. The reason that Dexter itself got a lot of popularity is just due to the reason that it has one great plot filled with eight long seasons where the actor has to live two lives, one as a govt associate and the other as a serial killer. The balance which he makes in this TV show is awesome and you will absolutely love how everything happens to him.

The opening season is awesome and the fourth season is considered to be the best. However, don’t expect the other seasons to really impress you. Most of the people didn’t like the 5th to 8th season yet the 2nd and 3rd seasons we quite decent to watch and had a good story. Anyways, it is also considered to be the best TV show on Netflix and if you are trying to make it worthwhile, be sure to watch the Dexter series.

Peaky Blinders

If you are looking for that one perfect drama with lots of thrills and an amazing scene of life and death, then be sure to watch Peaky Blinders. What else do you need when Tom Hardy is himself in a TV show? It is an another British import TV show and the Peaky Blinders is truly and roughly the UK equivalent of the HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, taking place in exactly the same time period and covering similar terrain as of before.Peaky Blinders has one thing that Boardwalk does not and that is the piercing which you will find everywhere in this how, intense Cillian Murphy which you will love.

The show also features Tom Hardy like I previously said, as a phenomenal recurring character debuting in season two along with Noah Taylor and to be honest, you will love how things get started there with Tom Hardy. Nonetheless, if you are to watch this show, beware that it is based on an early timed thriller and all the episodes of this TV show will be there for you to adore. This one truly is one of the best TV shows to watch on Netflix.

The Flash

If you aren’t prepared for the entirely crazy, true mag fever of The Flash, then the CW’s superhero show might not be for you, except for those willing to figure with its full embrace of its comic origins, together with time travel, alternate universes.

Ooh, damn! The Flash deals with several dark and troublesome themes, and yet, additional usually appears like a lightweight and fun romp through Central City’s chaotic world. Trust me or not, the Flash also features the Arrow a.k.a Stephen Amell at some places which you will absolutely love to watch. It actually follows the story of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) as he involves terms together with his newly-bestowed super speed, and his city’s ought to fight down a myriad of super powered villains. But, he still has time for qualitative analysis and nonreciprocal love, also as some crossover time spent with Team Arrow (the same inventive team is chargeable for each shows).

The Flash includes an instantly lovely solid, an endless provide of nice hooks, and a myriad of long-form arcs that facilitate anchor its Villain of the Week plots. You ill absolutely love watching this show and I guarantee that.

I hope our list of best Tv shows on netflix original would keep you entertain.If you liked this post you can share it with your friends and family.

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